Frequently Asked Questions

Here some questions that your may not know. In case you have any questions not answered in this page, please let us know.

  1. Is it really Free?
    Yes! You can always visit our website and send SMS for free.
  2. I registered for a Textko account, but I can't login. Why?
    Make sure you confirmed your account first. We send a confirmation email to you and just click the link that says to confirm your account.
  3. Why I can't send to a certain mobile no.?
    Textko can only send SMS using Philippine-based mobile nos. Generally, Textko can only accept mobile no. with a prefix of "09+" and must be 11 numbers long.
  4. How many SMS can I send? 
    Currently, if you are logged in, there is NO LIMIT on how many text messages you can send. You can send unlimited messages, but this is still subject to change.
  5. Why is it that the length of my SMS is not 160 characters? 
    Because we try to reserve extra spaces and append some texts that makes your SMS to be distinguished that it is coming from Textko. This is also to avoid your SMS to be marked as SPAM.
  6. Can I send SMS from Philippines to Abroad? 
    Some of our users sends SMS to their family's roaming mobile no. Not really, but roaming mobile no. MAY work. 
  7. What is a shortname? 
    A shortname serves as your unique address in the Textko network. You can see your shortname in your profile page.
    You can use your shortname to receive incoming SMS or send an SMS from your mobile phone to a certain Textko user.
  8. Can I receive reply from my friends?
    Yes! If you try to compose or reply to any of our mobile nos, using the following format:

    @shortname <space> your text message.

    then SEND it to our Textko mobile nos. You will receive them in your inbox.
  9. What are the Textko mobile nos.?
  10. If I have some questions or suggestions, how can I contact you?
    You can always reach us via our email and facebook page for a better and faster response.  Don't forget, we're very happy to hear from you.