Send SMS for Free

A dead-simple way to send SMS to your customers, friends and loved ones in the Philippines.


Send to all networks

Textko by default supports sending to all Philippine major telco networks. From Globe to Smart and everything in between.

Receive Incoming SMS

Textko can easily receive and process incoming messages, thus making it more dynamic and a perfect fit for your use cases for your business and apps.

Schedule SMS

Textko can send scheduled SMS on a future or to your specified date and time. A great feature for your business and app notifications.

Email to SMS

Want to send SMS from your favorite email clients? No problem. This is perfect for people who live in the world of emails. Send SMS as if you're sending an email. It's easy!

Bulk SMS Sending

Send multiple SMS at the same time? Textko got you covered. It supports bulk sending which makes it a perfect feature for your business and customer campaigns.


Textko loves developers. Yes, we do have API so you can easily integrate Textko to send SMS from your own apps.

Own Number

Get your dedicated number or want to use your own and existing SIM card? We can bring your own SIM card to the cloud and then you can manage it right in your own dashboard.

Dedicated SMS Block

Get your own dedicated SMS block which you can then manage in the cloud. Think of it as your own Phone-in-the-Cloud. You get complete control to your own SMS block. Did you know? Textko itself runs in its own SMS blocks.

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